About us

We started our activity in September 2009 as a company dedicated to the purchase and sale of women's footwear. Our first store opened in Villa Urquiza, a traditional and commercial neighborhood of Capital Federal, in Buenos Aires and then we opened 2 more stores in the Belgrano area.

We took an unexpected turn in our activity because we wanted more, not just to sell footwear. With enough experience in this industry thanks to family heritage, we decided to start with the design, manufacture and sale of our own shoes by the name of PAMUK.

Why this name? Because we wanted a strong name, but at the same time short. We wanted a name that would reflect our goal: make comfortable shoes and it turns out that in the family of our founder they have the last name Pamukian ... and quess what? In turkish Pamuk means "cotton" and that is where we choose our name. Simple, strong, just as we wanted.

This is how we focus our goal to develop shoes with the highest quality, design and comfort to meet the needs and desires of the local market.   We base our proposal on stylish but at the same time classic models, working with leathers that receive special treatments for the development of textures and colors that are part of irresistible products for women.

Our main goal was and will be to consolidate our brand nationally and internationally, always offering design products accompanied by the best quality standards, an advantage that differentiates us in the field. This goal would not be possible without the work our team makes everyday. That has made it possible to stay in time as a brand and as a company and they work everyday so that we can achieve everything we want.